State-of-the-Art Old City Soldiers Center

Slated for Completion this Year


An education center set in ancient setting for the soldiers of today…the leaders of tomorrow

Carved out of bedrock, exposing stones from the 2nd Temple period…the first Old City Center ever dedicated to Israeli soldiers in 2000 years is finished. It is scheduled to officially open on May 25, 2017 to commemorate 50 years since Jerusalem was returned to Israel. Named as the Sol and Clara Kest Center, this remarkable space will honor Israeli soldiers and strengthen their connection to the land, Jewish values and Am Yisrael through our signature programming. On a street looking directly to the Western Wall, the Center will be a stunning fusion of the ancient and modern incorporating cutting edge design and technology. Take part in the celebration!

Thousands of soldiers will enjoy this incredible space when they participate in the “Jerusalem Experience”, our flagship program run in cooperation with the IDF. For many, it is their first serious exposure to Jerusalem, and the New Center is designed to enhance this experience.

Soldiers who have taken a peek at the work in progress are most enthusiastic. Said Alon B., an Air Force Commander: “I am very excited about the new Soldiers Center where the Jerusalem Experience will have a sophisticated home. I hope to bring my soldiers to many more programs there.”

The Center will provide:

  • Program space that triples our current capacity
  • State-of-the–art multimedia presentation
  • Meeting and conversational space
  • Dining and event facility
  • Library

 Come see this amazing new space in progress on your next visit to Israel. For more information and to get involved in the new Center, contact or  visit  Soldiers Center Photo Gallery.