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Your donations help bring national artists to the Tucson area and support favorite local artists. This years line up for 2014 features award winning artists such as Dmitri Matheny, David Bach from the D.C. area and local treasures such as the Larry RedHouse Trio, and the George Howard Band. Your donations help emerging newcomers like Genevieve with her ensemble the LPs, a solid group of veteran musicians. Loran Cox in liaison with northern Arizona artists is a stunning composer, trumpeter, and flugelhorn player who made a stopover in Tucson. TJS will put your donation towards collaborations with Jazz Festivals and Organizations like the Nash in Phoenix and will be more focused on community. We look forward to showcasing jazz talents at member mixers, events like Cyclovia for "Porch" Jazz, the Festival of Books, and at upscale restaurants like the Five Palms in the foothills of Tucson.  Your donations make TJS sound good...

These cats are cool-

share with us that music

we feel and need.

Pluck the bass, hit the keys

We all gather round the down beat

close to the bandstand

we all gather

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