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House Natural Resources
House Oversight and Government Reform
House Rules
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House Transportation and Infrastructure
House Veterans' Affairs
House Ways and Means
House Permanent Select Intelligence
Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
Senate Appropriations
Senate Armed Services
Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Senate Budget
Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Senate Energy and Natural Resources
Senate Environment and Public Works
Senate Finance
Senate Foreign Relations
Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Senate Judiciary
Senate Rules and Administration
Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Senate Veterans' Affairs
Senate Indian Affairs
Senate Select Committee on Aging
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Joint Economic Committee
Joint Committee on Printing
Joint Committee on Taxation
Joint Committee on the Library
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Speaker of the House
House Majority Leader
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House Majority Whip
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Senate Majority Leader
Senate Minoirity Leader
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Senate Majority Whip
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Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Lt. Governor
State Senator/Representative
City Council
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If you served in the U.S. Armed Forces, which branch did you serve in?
Additional information from your military career:
In addition to general congressional and political matters,
which domestic topics would you feel comfortable discussing?
Campaigns/Campaign Finance Reform
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights
Economic Issues
Financial crisis
Homeland security
Job creation/unemployment/workforce training
Science and Technology
Size of the federal government
Social Issues
Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid
Other (please list in next field)
Other domestic issues you would be comfortable discussing
which are not listed above:
Which international issues would you feel comfortable discussing? Arab Spring
Democracy building/Corruption prevention
European Union/Eurozone
Former Soviet Union and Former Soviet Satellite Republics
Global finance
Global security
Global trade
Human rights
Middle East/North Africa
Nuclear proliferation/Arms control
Strategic military partnerships
Transatlantic relations
Transpacific relations
U.S.-China relations
U.S.-German relations
U.S.-Japan relations
U.S.-Turkey relations
United Nations
World Bank/IMF/Foreign Aid
Other (please list in next field)
Other international issues not listed above
which you would be comfortable discussing:
What boards of other organizations
or foundations do you sit on?
If you are interested in international travel with FMC,
what is your region of choice?
Australia and Pacific Islands
East and Southeast Asia
Eastern Europe
Former Soviet Satellite Republics
Indian Subcontinent
Latin America
Middle East/North Africa
South America
Sub-Saharan Africa
Are you interested in participating in the Congress to Campus
program,which sends bipartisan pairs of Former Members of Congress
to directly engage with today's youth
to increase civic literacy and participation?
Are you interested in playing in the
Annual Congressional Charity Golf Tournament
to benefit the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project?

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