Last year and two years before that, I had Tzedakah (charity) projects to raise money for Wells Bring Hope at my synagogue for Hebrew school. I chose Wells Bring Hope because their cause really stood out to me. Now I'm raising money for Wells Bring Hope as a Bar Mitzvah project. I decided to collect donations again for Wells Bring Hope because, even though I can’t directly see the impact it has, I know it has a huge impact on those who truly need it.

It’s amazing how drilling a well can impact so many lives. Not only does it spare women and girls the arduous task of traveling to collect unsafe water, it also provides clean water that doesn’t carry horrible parasitic intestinal disease. Without access to clean water, countless children under the age of 5 will die of these preventable diseases. Another thing Wells Bring Hope does is install basic sanitation and instruct the women afterwards on hygiene and preventive measures. They are also taught drip farming and ways to profit off of their trades.

Please help me reach my goal and help make the world a better place.




E: kate@wellsbringhope.org

P: 802.233.6254

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