Melissa's Senior Project


Wells Bring Hope is committed to drilling wells to bring safe water and sanitation to rural villages in Niger, West Africa, the poorest country in the world where contaminated water kills innocent victims, most often infants and young children. The burden of getting water falls upon women and girls who walk back-breaking miles every day to find water. The result? Girls don't go to school and women have no time to work productively to generate income.

When a well is drilled, everything changes. Child mortality drops by 70%. Water borne diseases are virtually eliminated. Girls have the chance to go to school. Women receive microfinance training and have the opportunity to start small businesses. In short, entire communities are transformed.

For my senior project I've decided to give back and help support the amazing organization of Wells Bring Hope! I specifically chose this non-profit because my mother has been involved for awhile and turned me on to it. The fact that every dollar donated is multiplied by 5 to help the women and girls of Niger is truly inspiring. It would be much appreciated if you could help me reach my goal!




P: 802.233.6254

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