Welcome to Lynly’s Water Circle.
It was created as an enduring testament to Lynly Fischler’s gentle spirit, and to the goodness and love that continues to flow from her life.
Lynly waged a determined and courageous battle, but sadly succumbed to metastatic breast cancer in April 2010.
It has been the great privilege of my life to know and love Lynly as her best friend and husband for twenty years, and to have experienced the conviction of her love in return.
Following Lynly’s death, I searched for meaningful ways to pay tribute to her that were consistent with her passions and beliefs.
She died at peace with her path, having settled upon her answers to some of life’s great mysteries. One in particular that remained unresolved though, was her deep dismay at the enormity of human suffering and deprivation in the developing world where so many are born without ever having a chance in life due to dire conditions.
Lynly was especially sympathetic to the plight of women and girls in developing Africa.
Funding a well in Lynly’s honor by supporting Wells Bring Hope’s mission to provide villagers with access to clean, safe water has proven to be a wonderful tribute to her memory and to the infinite spirit that connects us all, binding us from common origin to common destiny.
On August 15, 2010, Lynly’s first well was drilled in the small village of Guidan Karo in the Chadakori region of Niger. This event was a blessing that transformed the life of the entire village overnight.
Inspired by the success of Lynly’s first well, we’re now raising funds for another well in Lynly’s honor.
With the continued support and generosity of family, friends, and former employers, we’ve achieved an important milestone and have now surpassed the 50% mark. Just over $2,000 needs to be raised to complete funding for Lynly’s next well.
I invite you to join me and the supporters of Lynly's Water Circle in funding for another village desperately waiting for clean, safe water.
Together, let’s make another well in her honor a reality for a village in need.







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