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Marlborough School’s Community Service Council, which consists of student representatives from each of the grades 7-12, decided that the 2010-2011 school year community service theme would be “Service Without Borders,” with the intent to raise awareness for and support an international cause.  Wells Bring Hope, under the direction of Barbara Goldberg, was the perfect answer.  We, as a council and a school, realized that the basic necessity of water was something we always took for granted.  Once we met with Barbara and heard about the aid that Wells Bring Hope provides in Niger, the council knew that the water crisis that plagues so many people is a cause that we could not ignore.      

To begin with, the council wanted to make sure that the organization we would be working with was one that truly cared about the people they were helping, and Wells Bring Hope does exactly that.  The fact that WBH stays with the village for years after the well is built really stood out for us, and we appreciated the self-sustainability that the village gains.  Barbara was just another perfect piece to the puzzle, as she was available to answer any of our questions, provided valuable resources for our fundraisers, and made the whole experience that much easier. 

Keeping with the year’s theme, the council chose to work with WBH and initiate a commitment to recognize and help an international cause every year.  In order to kick off this semester-long project at the school, the council organized a school-wide assembly to introduce WBH and the project to our fellow students and faculty.  By showing a Wells Bring Hope video and explaining the immense effects that our efforts could have, the school got behind the project wholeheartedly. 

Throughout the semester (January – April), the Community Service Council organized multiple fundraisers in which 100% of the profits went to Wells Bring Hope. We held a Free Dress Day, in which the students donated $5 to wear free dress for a day, hosted a milkshake and sundae “party,” and sold “candy-grams” in honor of Valentine’s Day.  While these fundraisers were carried out by Community Service Council, other students outside of the council played their own parts in the project and organized their own fundraisers in support of WBH.  The 10th grade class raffled off a tandem bicycle and gave all the profits to the cause, and Community Outreach League, a major service club at the school, donated a portion of profits from their successful annual bake sale to WBH as well. 

Overall, the experience that Marlborough School and the council has had with Wells Bring Hope was an unforgettable and worthwhile one.  Notably, the 2011-2012 Community Service Council has committed to continuing our relationship with the organization throughout the next school year, and hopefully beyond.  The students and faculty at Marlborough School are proud of being able to work with a great organization such as Wells Bring Hope and be able to support such an amazing cause.

At the Awards Ceremony held on May 27th, 2011, Marlborough School presented Wells Bring Hope founder, Barbara Goldberg with a check for $3,283, which makes them well on their way to funding a well.  They plan to continue their efforts into the next school year.

When Café M, Marlborough’s campus eatery, started selling Nika Water, the school discovered yet another way to support Wells Bring Hope. Nika Water is an eco-conscious water company that donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects around the world. When CEO Jeff Church learned about Marlborough’s Community Service Council was committed to raising money for a well, he agreed to donate all the profits from Nika Water sold at Café M to their fundraising effort.

On January 26, 2012, Dave Musil of Nika Water presented the Community Service Council with a check for $1,039. Marlborough School needs to raise just $1,278 to complete their well!



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