Vistamar School's Water Circle

The idea for the Vistamar School Water Circle came about when Iyob Tessema, proud father of Helina (’12) and Negede (’14) presented his plea to save precious African lives in Niger, West Africa, the second poorest country in the world.   

He told the “Soulful Celebration Committee” tasked with organizing Vistamar’s premier event for Black History Month about Wells Bring Hope (WBH), a non-profit committed to drilling wells to bring safe water and good sanitation to rural villages in Niger, West Africa.  He was convinced that this was an excellent way of celebrating Black History, and by venturing beyond our national borders to the continent of Africa, lives of entire villages in Niger have and will continue to dramatically improve.

The Committee approved taking up the cause, and students at Vistamar readily embraced this noble cause by holding a cupcake sale. An additional opportunity to donate will be available at the Soulful Celebration on March 2nd, but to kick off the campaign, Iyob coordinated with Barbara Goldberg to have former LA County District Attorney Gil Garcetti give a short presentation on Wednesday, February 15.  After all, it was Garcetti’s prolific photographs of West Africa which inspired the formation of Wells Bring Hope in 2008. Here are some photos from Garcetti's presentation.


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