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Water for Women
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Water for Women...

Join me to support the women and families in Niger obtain something simple as Clean Water for daily use. 

No! to 4 hours of walking each way to get water.... 

No! to hurting their backs and necks from carrying heavy buckets....

No! to wasting time and energy to obtain something basic as having clean drinking water!

Yes! to using time efficiently. 

Yes! to decreasing the changes of dying from polluted water. 

Yes! to saving lifes by being able to drink clean and fresh water right there where they live!

We take for granted the 'simplest' things in life, like turning on your faucet - and sparkly clean water just runs out...

Join to support the women of Niger! 

Support this fundraiser and give them Clean Fresh Drinking Water NOW! 


No donation is too small! Ask you COMPANY to match your donations!!! 

Because, EVERYONE deserves CLEAN WATER....everyone...

Thank you, 


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Siridyal Khalsa 09/23/2014 $30.00  
Anonymous Friend 07/23/2014 $30.00  
  Total $60.00  
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