Hightstown High School Class of 1985 Reuniting for Good
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Hightstown High School Class of 1985 Reuniting for Good

It's Been 30 YEARS Since We Graduated from Hightstown High School?

Impossible. Preposterous. Inconceivable.

Well, maybe it could  be 30 years. There IS a lot more creaking and cracking, after all. Maybe it's possible.

In the past three decades, our class has accomplished some pretty impressive feats. Some have risen to the top of their professions. Some have become leaders in their communities. Some have raised amazing kids (who could not possibly be in or finished with high school, by the way). Some have traveled the world, while and some have set down deep roots. Some have battled through struggles we may never know about. Some have celebrated wins, and others mourned losses, that nobody would have imagined thirty years ago. Some have drifted away, while others have banded together like only childhood friends could.

Together as a class, we have done LOTS of things people might say were impossible.

So, how about we do something else people might say is impossible?

How about we celebrate our 30th reunion by changing the lives of some people we'll probably never meet? What legacy could we leave together? We could  free little kids to go to school instead of spending their days trudging back and forth to collect and carry filthy water. In fact, we could shave away at the 40 BILLION hours per year that women and children spend walking for water. We could help decrease childhood mortality by 70%. 

And frankly, we could make this huge impact pretty easily... together, if we start now.

What would it be like to know we, as a class, donated THIRTY wells through Wells Bring Hope? 

It looks impossible. Each well costs $5,600. We're looking at raising $168,000 within a year, if we take up this challenge. 

But wait. Maybe it's not impossible. Check this out...

  1. There are 229 of us on the reunion's Facebook page (as of 8/3/14).
  2. We're planning the reunion for July or August of 2015 (about twelve months from now).
  3. $168,000 divided by 229 Rams = $733.62. 
  4. $733.62 divided by 12 months = $61.14.
  5. $61.14 divided by 4 = $15.29 per week.

If we each sent $15.29 a week for the next year, we'd provide 30 wells in Niger. 

Please take a few minutes to poke around on the WellsBringHope.org site. You might be shocked to learn of the living conditions these people face every day. You might feel sad to imagine what it would be like to see these little kids suffering. You might be amazed by the dramatic impact simply having clean water makes on a community. You might start running the math in your head, and seeing places you could redirect $15 bucks each week. You might feel a surge of excitement as you realize this really isn't an impossible goal, after all.

We really could do it!

In fact, our classmate Neal Zaslavsky already did. He and a handful of friends joined together and donated one well. One well that changed the lives of 967 people

This will be easy.

If you want in, now's the time to start. We've got this page you can bookmark. Put a reminder on your calendar to donate weekly, monthly, quarterly, (or even all at once if that's easier). You might even have a matching gifts program where you work. We'll be able to see the progress we're making as the weeks tick by. By the time we're giving silent thanks for nametags (who IS that?!?) at our reunion, we'll have accomplished something truly amazing.

"We're talking pride!" Let's Do This!

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