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Imagine a life without safe water flowing from your tap. Imagine then, if every morning you had to get up at the crack of dawn and walk for miles down uneven paths to the nearest water hole to collect your family's water.  Then imagine the state of the water, filthy, dirty with flies buzzing around and animals drinking at the same source. But you have no other choice. In many countries it would take you over six hours every day to collect enough water for your family.  Having returned from this grueling journey you could start the rest of your day.

The average weight of water women in Africa carry on their heads is 50 pounds, the same as the average airport checked luggage allowance.  Constantly carrying such heavy weights, commonly on the head, back or hip, has severe health implications.  Backache and joint pains are common, and in extreme cases curved spines and pelvic deformities can result, creating complications in childbirth. Pregnant women sometimes keep on carrying water until the day they give birth.  The water and sanitation crisis affects billions of people every day, but the impact on women and girls is particularly devastating.





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GRATEFUL 12/28/2012 $10.00  
Anonymous Friend 07/26/2012 $50.00 Thank You Bill Phillips and the T360 Transformation Team!
Tara 07/26/2012 $50.00 In memory of those who lost their lives in Aurora, Colorado
riceman 04/22/2012 $50.00  
Ruth Morrison 04/05/2012 $10.00 TOGETHER WE CAN!!
  Total $170.00  
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