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It is amazing what access to safe water can do. Not only does it save lives, particularly those of children, but a well drilled in a village also brings FREEDOM to women and girls. They no longer have to carry heavy water containers for miles every day. The girls can go to school, and the women can earn an income.

Please join me in the effort to raise enough money for one well. The $5,600 we raise will be turned into over $30,000 through a partnership with World Vision. They also provide on-going support to the village for over 15 years.

The Wells Bring Hope web site does an excellent job of explaining the problem and the solution. I encourage you to read about why we have chosen to focus on this, and how a little bit of money can make such a difference.

Thank you! heart

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Alexandria 01/15/2013 $30.00  
Annie 01/10/2013 $30.00  
  Total $60.00  
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