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I am Kate Mc Evilly, a student in 9th grade at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California.  When I was in seventh grade, Mr. Gil Garcetti came to my school and spoke about the desperate need for safe water in West Africa. Mr. Garcetti told us about Wells Bring Hope and the life-changing impact of drilling a well. I was so moved by the images and stories that he shared and by the way that a well can change the lives of girls who can't go to school when they have to spend their days carrying water.

I began raising money for Wells Bring Hope in the eighth grade, and I started a Wells Bring Hope club once I started high school. The club now has over 25 committed members who are as enthusiastic and dedicated as I am to raising money to drill wells in Niger. We have held bake sales, two very successful ticket auctions, and a week-long awareness campaign at school. You can read more about all of this in the blog I wrote for Wells Bring Hope.

We have raised enough money to drill one well and already have a good start on our second well! On May 4th, 2012, we presented Barbara Goldberg, the president and founder of Wells Bring Hope, with a check for $5,600, and she gave us a plaque to commemorate our efforts.

It is simply amazing that the result of all of this is that one village will now have a well. We really hope that other schools, organizations, communities, companies, and individuals will gain interest in Wells Bring Hope and develope the same passion that my members and I have gained by learning more and more about the impact of clean, safe water on communities and particularly, the women and children of Niger.





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