The Key Club of Hamilton High School's 

We are a new and growing Key Club and we are very excited to be working with Wells Bring Hope. We enjoy helping others and do so not just for ‘service hours’ but because we care for others. When you care for others, you are also caring for yourself because everything comes full circle.

Key Club is service organization that branches from Kiwanis International and we are partners with Children’s Miracle Network, Unicef, and March of Dimes. We are up to helping anyone with anything positive.

Its organizations like Key Club and Wells Bring Hope that are the seeds for bigger things- movements where people will begin to understand that there is so much good to do for the world and together we will nourish this movement.

We are the Key… Caring is our way of life.

Join us for an exciting fundraiser on October 13!




P: 802.233.6254

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