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Hello.  I am Maryann Rinsch and I would like to welcome you to my Water Circle. 

The idea of starting a “Water Circle” came to me after watching the 14-minute video that Wells Bring Hope shot in January, 2009.  To watch this video, click below.




As I watched it, I felt like my heart was breaking.  The voices of the women telling about their babies who died because of the contaminated water would make any mother cry!  Safe drinking water will bring health to a whole community.  The prospect of giving girls the opportunity to get an education is so dear to my heart!  I have read that if you educate a girl, you have affected an entire village as she will stay and contribute to the betterment of her family and village.  With  a well of fresh, healthy water, women and girls no longer need walk miles and miles for water that can be deadly.  Now there will be time for the girls to learn in school and the women to start small businesses with the micro loans offered by World Vision.

In 2011, this water circle built a well for a village in Niger, Africa.  Many friends contributed to this well and I was able to match each dollar.  I am so grateful for every dollar that was donated as I have seen the faces of the joyous villagers as a well comes in and anticipated with them how it will change their lives for the better. The joy in the hearts of the villagers who are to receive this well was great when they were informed that their dream of fresh water was becoming a reality.

Now it is 2012 and we have started to build another well.  We already have five donors and are hoping that you will add your name to the list.  Again, I pledge to match each donation until we have the $5,600 needed for a well.  Please join us and help to drill another well in Niger.  Together, we can transform the lives of a whole village for generations to come.  That is the power of fresh, healthy water!  It is awesome!!

Donors for Maryann's Water Circle 2012

Mary Grace Wake

Marilyn Eiomon

Mairead McAllister

Melissa Masserang

Brigitta Troy

Rosalyn Porter-Luttrull

Ron and Kay Williams

Catherine Kaufman

Stephanie Caruso-Afshar

Mary Ann Shaw

L.E. Bock

Ross and Linda Porter




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