Ellen's Birthday Challenge

As I approach another birthday milestone, I have been reflecting on how incredibly fortunate I have been to have lived in a part of the world where I have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams, achieve my goals, and watch my family thrive. I didn't think twice about the possibility of my own professional education and that of my children; it was a given. My recent exposure to Wells Bring Hope has brought into sharp contrast the lives of so many women less fortunate than I who struggle every day to survive and meet the basic needs of their families.


Most women and girls in Niger are denied the opportunity for education because their day is consumed with the task of finding and transporting water, water that is often unsafe to drink. I could not watch the videos and see the pictures of these daily struggles and not be moved to want to do something to help. Providing a poor village with access to clean water by drilling a well is the first step in changeing the lives of impoverished women wand their families and giving them hope for the future.

I know that many of my friends and family share that deep-seated human desire to help those who are less fortunate, so I have launched this campaign with the goal of funding a well. Please help me to celebrate my birthday by sharing in this cause to help women who have not had the good fortune of living in a country where safe, clean water is available and access to education is offered to all. Together we can have a dyanmic impact on the health and well being of an entire community.



E: kate@wellsbringhope.org

P: 802.233.6254

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