In 2009, I heard about the terrible water problem in Niger, West Africa, about how women walk miles each day to get water for their families. Their daughters help with this all-important and time-consuming task, and therefore do not attend school. This hurt my heart particularly because the water, which they work so hard to get, is often contaminated. It can cause serious disease, blindness, even death, and the women realize this. They know that the water they are offering to their families could make them sick, may even kill them, and yet -- they have no choice.  When I realized the reality that these women live with, I immediately got involved, and I have been involved with Wells Bring Hope on some level since that time.


Later that year, I joined six other women on a Wells Bring Hope trip to Niger where I helped interview, photograph, and videotape interviews with women about their dire need for safe water and the impact that a well has on a village. To be honest, I went to Niger mostly for the adventure, but the trip was a life- changing experience for me.  I learned that safe water is the key to life. After talking with so many women and girls in the villages, I really understood for the first time how their entire lives revolve around getting water. I have now been to Niger three times to interview women. On the trip this past March, 2015, we focused on the microfinance part of our model.



I am so convinced of this need, that I want to fund one or more of my own water wells. It costs only $5,600 to fund a well because World Vision will match that amount.  I'm happy to say that my Water Circle has funded one well now, and I'm excited about starting a fund for a second one. I hope you will join me in saving lives by making a donation!



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