Sedona and her AEA Classmates'
Hi! My name is Sedona. I am 7 years old and I am raising money to drill wells for clean, safe water in Niger. My Mom went to an event at the college one day and came home with a brochure in her hand. I always want to know if she brought something good home for me, so I grabbed the brochure to take a look and I was very curious. I asked my Mom what this brochure was all about and she explained that she had heard about Wells Bring Hope and they raise money to help people in West Africa, especially women and girls who have to walk many miles in very awful dusty places to carry water that is dirty and really yucky and no good to use and they have to use it anyway. That made me feel really sad and I really wanted to help them!
I told my mother that if I had to walk all that way for water, I would give all of my water to her. She hugged me and I asked her if I could raise some money too to help the women and children of Niger so they can live safe and happy lives.
She said YES!! So I ran upstairs and got my cool blue clipboard and I asked for one of my dad's envelopes.  Then I made a fancy fun envelope and put it on my clipboard.  And that's where it all began. I want to raise as much money as I can to help the moms and the girls in Niger and hope one day they can live sweet lives where they don't have to walk so far for water or drink and live with dirty water anymore. They can enjoy clean, healthy water and that makes me happy!
I feel like I am not making enough money on my own and so many of us kids don't really know about giving our help or money to help other people. So I asked if I could take this project to school.  I have asked my principal and the school to help me with this project and they are going to help me by raising lots more money for Wells Bring Hope. Together we will learn about other people and another country at the same time!

Please help us! Add a donation to my water circle!!

Thank you!!



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