Pfeifer's Circle of Hope: Operation H2O
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Pfeifer's Circle of Hope: Operation H2O

            ​Growing up in Springfield, Missouri, my biggest dream was to become a singer and an actress. After graduating high school, I made the move to Los Angeles. To some, accomplishing my dream of becoming an artist seemed pretty far-fetched.  Despite what other said, I continued to forge ahead committed to making my dream become a reality. I kept telling myself: always have faith and never give up hope!


​            The people of Niger, West Africa have hopes and dreams too. Their hopes, however, are far simpler than mine. When I watched the footage and listened to the women and children in the villages of Niger speak, I began to notice a pattern of the hopes they had for themselves and their families. Girls hoped to one day attend school. Mothers hoped they could provide enough food to keep their children from dying of malnourishment.  Parents hoped to see their children live past the age of 4 or 5.  Dreams that could become a reality if given one thing, clean water.


​            Wells Bring Hope saves thousands of lives by drilling clean water wells in rural villages of Niger.  Having access to safe clean water means mothers no longer live with the fear of burying their children because of illness resulting from unsafe water. Girls can go back to school instead of walking miles each day in search of clean water.  Drilling wells not only gives the people of Niger safe water, but the gift of hope for their families and their futures.  A dream come true really.


          ​When I learned of the ways Wells Bring Hope changes so many lives, I was immediately drawn to the idea that I too could do my part to help dreams come true.  For a family, for a mother, for a child.  The way I see it, we are all beloved children of God.  If I can help bring hope to my brothers and sisters across the globe, you better believe I’ll take God up on the incredible opportunity to serve!


My dream now is to build one well in Niger, West Africa. With that well, I pray to save the lives of many, and give hope to thousands.


​Please join me to support Wells Bring Hope and the many lives we can change!


Pfeifer Brown





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